We ranked the best Premier League kits of 2023/24

As the summer of 2023 unfolds, this season’s kit launches have been amplified by the impact of football shirt in streetwear and high-end fashion. Retro iconic shirts have always held deep significance with supporters. Representing different eras of legendary players, artistic styling, and cultural nostalgia. This year clubs have reintroduced classic designs from bygone eras, evoking a sense of sentimental fondness among fans. From retro colourways to history inspired patterns, these shirts celebrate the rich history of football while simultaneously creating a bridge between generations.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at 10 of the best football shirts released for the 2023/24 season. Encompassing the home, away and third kit offerings from various Premier League clubs. Our list goes beyond the shirt itself, looking at its future legacy and impact on this new wave of football street wear culture.

Manchester United Third Away Shirt 2023-24

10) Manchester United - Third Away Shirt

It’s always special when Manchester United release an all-white kit. This one is sure to be popular with the fans and cements its place in history as the first United shirt to adorn the devil instead of the traditional club badge. An all-round clean design with a classic crew neck collar similar to that worn in the 1991 Cup Winners Cup Final.

❤️ We love the subtle white detail throughout that makes the red elements pop out.

🛒 Looks best in long sleeve and with the club style player printing to maintain the red styling all round.

Wolves Away Shirt

9) Wolverhampton Wanderers - Away Shirt

Wolves have quite a reputation when it comes to bold away kits and this one is right up there. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture and their best-selling 2021/22 third kit, the geometric red, orange detail with dark green patches create a unique design. Despite its daring colour it gives off an all-around classic vibe.

❤️ Our music festival season top pick: Distinctive fit that you won’t see commonly around.

🛒 Looks best when oversized, the Castore kits still fit well so go a size or two up. Point of note: Wolves away kits have traditionally held value well.

Arsenal Away Shirt 2023/24

8) Arsenal – Away Shirt

Shock yellow with black polka dots and fluid lines, this year’s Arsenal away shirt certainly divides opinion. A lot will depend on how Arsenal’s season plays out, but this kit could become highly memorable if they can land their first league title since 2003. The kit's edgy aesthetic perfectly captures the energy and vibrancy of north London, time will tell if it becomes a classic.

❤️ Bold and daring, you certainly won’t go missing sporting this kit this season.

🛒 The fan version of the shirt hits hard, no need to spend extra on the Match/Pro Version.  

Sheffield United Home Shirt

7) Sheffield United – Home Shirt

 Clean and elegant, the Sheffield United home shirt will be hugely popular given their return to the Premier League. Sporting thick red stripes with black lining, Errea have nailed the retro vibes with this look. It’s simple but perfectly encapsulates club tradition and will surely go down as an all-time classic. 

❤️ We love the timeless yet contemporary design, this kit will age like a fine wine.

🛒 Looks best on the field, tucked in with black shorts. Proper 80’s style, we just hope the kit remains sponsor-less when it’s commercially released. 

Manchester United Home Shirt 2023/24

6) Manchester United – Home Shirt

Incorporating the Lancashire rose, the new Man Utd home shirt has an intricate geometric design inspired by the club’s industrial heritage. This seasons lap-over collar combined with the simplified Adidas logo are a classy touch despite the larger Team Viewer sponsor. Overall, a stunning home kit and our favourite since 2007-09.

❤️ We love the geometric styling, no retro vibes here just a clean 2023/24 modern design.

🛒 Despite the price tag the authentic HEAT.RDY version is the preferred choice for quality.

Liverpool Away Shirt 2023/24

5) Liverpool – Away Shirt

If you love a bit of 90’s nostalgia, this retro inspired jersey is sure to tick a lot of boxes. A twist on the classic 1995/96 away shirt, the kit incorporates a block pixalated quarter design. The only slight negative is the standard black crew neck collar, but we’re going to hold off judgement till the end of the season. As we all know delivering another league title will go a long way to cementing the kits legacy.

❤️ The design won’t be for everyone so check out Liverpool’s 23/24 Anthem jacket for an alternative fit.

🛒 Wait till the end of the season, if it looks like a vintage year for Liverpool we recommend buying in Feb-March when the prices drop.

Brighton Away Shirt 2023/24

4) Brighton – Away Shirt

Green and Black is back! Last seen in 2011-12, Nike have really dropped game with this simple and eye-catching away kit! Securing European football for the first time in their history these kits will be high in demand. The sleeve sponsor looks less obtrusive than on the home shirt which is why this shirt comfortably makes our top 4.

❤️ We love the monochrome style club badge, a nice touch that makes this kit look sharp.

🛒 These be hard to get hold of, keep an eye out on the official Brighton website. Alternatively the home shirt could be a worthwhile investment with a strong European run.

Crystal Palace Home Shirt 2023/24

3) Crystal Palace – Home Shirt

It has got a bit of everything this kit. A bold half and half colourway incorporating the original Crystal Palace architecture polished off with crisp white lines. We scored last year’s home kit our favourite of the year and Macron have produced yet another design to be proud of. There’s a lot to like about this kit although we’d probably switch the shortened collar style for a more traditional V-neck. As seen on this season away shirt.

❤️ Macron’s one and only Premier League club, probably why we always get such a diverse offering every season.

🛒 Select either body or standard fitting to tailor the fit to your individual style.

Newcastle United Away Shirt 2023/24

2) Newcastle United – Away Shirt

Shirt manufacturers always have more creative freedom with away kits. This season sees Newcastle adorn an all-green Saudi-inspired jersey. Featuring a monochrome badge infused in a tonal dazzle camo pattern. The Noon sleeve sponsor presents a minor headache, but the Toon supporters will not be bothered when they see the addition of a Champions League badge on the other sleeve. 

❤️ We love the consistent colourway presented across the shirt topped off with white edging.

🛒 It goes without saying club style printing and Champions League badges are a must.

Arsenal Home Shirt 2023/24

1) Arsenal – Home Shirt

No surprises here, our favourite 2023-24 kit is Arsenals Home shirt. Drawing inspiration from 20th anniversary of The Invincibles Team of 2002/03. The jersey has a simply stunning colour pallets incorporating gold trim, bolt décor and 38 game record stitched into the side. Arsenal return to the Champions League and have had a strong transfer window, could this be the kit to drive them to the title? 

❤️ We love the gold sleeve sponsor and additional detail only included on the authentic version of the shirt.

🛒 The initial release of the kits had a design flaw, as the side detail failed to include 6 games from the invincible record. However, this issue has now been recalled and rectified. If you happen to possess or come across one of the erroneous shirts, they could potentially become a valuable investment piece, depending on how many slipped by quality control.

Some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut:

  • Manchester City Home – Clean design but ultimately falls short with more limitations with the light blue colourway. Seems to be a reoccurring theme with City home shirts.
  • Luton Home – Unfortunately the front sponsor ultimately provides too much of a red flag to be deemed a real contender.
  • Bournemouth Away – Busy and daring design in its own right. Was always going to be overshadowed by last year’s Miami inspired 2022/23 away kit.
  • Brentford Home – Huge credit for the 2-year kit lifespan Brentford have introduced. For us the gradient style is an older trend that wasn’t executed well enough.  
That concludes our top football shirts for the 2023/24 Premier League season! But that’s not all, if you love rare and original football shirts, then you’re in the right place. Shop Footballs Kits here at The Vault.

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